Immersive Sales & Marketing Growth Hacks Workshop, #ACMEHacksNYC

ACME Growth Co Workshop NYC

ACME Growth Co produced the Immersive Sales & Marketing Growth Hacks Workshop on June 12th, 2017, hosted by Microsoft in New York City.  Our CEO, Neal Conlon, our PPC specialist Danielle Bacon, and Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sevenality, David Yarde, sought to inspire those looking to transform their business using marketing and sales growth hacks, tactical PPC strategy and branding. By explaining what ACME Growth can do for their businesses, they left with the tools for success.

Neal Conlon discussed the struggles that many businesses go through when dealing with their market strategy. Companies need to determine if sales and marketing challenges are strategic or fundamental. Growth hacking is used to help a company take advantage of technology to overcome any halt in sales or marketing progression. Neal further went on to explain how companies like Uber and Airbnb have used similar approaches to get them to where they are currently in the market. Understanding the customer journey and having SMART goals is vital to maintaining a great business client relationship.

Other key takeaways include:

People don’t like sales calling and content that they didn’t ask for. The tools that ACME Growth Co demonstrated for the sold out event cuts these outdated options out. Our martools included services such as Lead Forensics, Drift, SAM.AI, MixMax, Instapage, X.AI and more. Using these tools provides a buffer in the new technological world implementing automated personalized business marketing and sales tools.

Trillions of searches on Google and YouTube occur annually and half of those are on mobile devices.  Danielle Bacon demonstrated the importance of having the proper Google Adwords partner implementing a tactical PPC strategy.  Danielle went on to explained that more than half of all web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets so it is important that businesses are ready for mobile traffic on their website.  

The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model allows for the greatest return on investment when spending for internet advertising.  Danielle spoke about the importance of micro-moments in today’s online landscape.  Micro-moments are intent rich moments when decisions are made and these have changed the customer journey.  A partnership with ACME Growth allows for vital optimization of Google AdWords spend.  Our dedicated team brings optimal performance, cutting edge products and we know what it takes to build growth.

Businesses should know where it exists, know what the experience is like for the customer, and know what the journey of the customer is.  The Supercharged Customer Journey was described by David Yarde. Mapping out the journey of the customer is the most important step in identifying weakness in how a business presents its brand.  The beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of a company can drastically change how consumers trust and opportunities can be won or lost when a business is not influencing the consumer. A brand needs the consumers to feel a connection to it as if they can see themselves using it.

Special thanks to our Breakfast Sponsor, MarketSmiths, as well as sponsors Lead Forensics, Drift, SAM.AI, MixMax, X.AI, Julius and more.  To have a ACME Growth Workshop on Immersive Sales & Marketing Growth Hacks in your area, please contact us.


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